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2021-09 Music City Mingle (M54)

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Greg "Clouddog" Wrobel hosted the 5th Annual Music City Mingle in Lebanon, TN, about 25 miles east of Nashville. TN. This year the weather played havoc with the event.  On arrival date, most of those attending from the SE Region, aka Swamp Thunder Squadron, had to cancel out due to the weather between their home fields on TN.  For those coming from the North Central (NC) region they were delayed until late in the day due to weather.  On Friday, after Overview of the Weekend and Safety Briefings we were able to get a couple of flights in until the weather rolled in and cancelled operations until mid-afternoon on Saturday. Even then, we were only able to get a couple of training flights out.  As it turned out, at least six aircraft were stuck in Lebanon until Thursday of the following week.  While there might not have been a lot of flying there was some great camaraderie and fun had by all.

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