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2020-09 Music City Mingle (M54)

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Greg "Clouddog" Wrobel hosted the 4th Annual Music City Mingle in Lebanon, TN, about 25 miles east of Nashville. Things started a little slow on Friday due to weather in the area preventing some of the attendees from arriving until later in the afternoon. We were able to get out two four plane training flights on Friday.  The weather hadn't completely cleared up on Saturday morning but we were able to get out a 16 plane mass formation training flight.  The afternoon started with a Tactical Navigation (TACNAV) competition.  The crews flew a visual navigation route with two 'targets'.  At the first the crews attempted to 'shoot down' (i.e. pop) 'mini-zeppelins' (balloons).  From there they flew to the second target - a plywood tank -  which was bombed with 2lb flour bombs.  The day's flying ended with a 17 airplane fly-over of Greg's neighbor's daughter's wedding. -- Several of the photos on this page were featured in both the Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 Issues of Red Alert Magazine.

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