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2017-08 RedStar SE Fly-in (KTBR)

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On 19 Aug 2017 - National Aviation Day, RedStar Pilots Association (RPA) SE held an informal Formation Currency Fly-in at the Statesboro, GA (KTBR) Airport. From KTBR we flew out to Douglas, GA (KDQH) to get an update from Tom Reilly the restoration of XP-82 Twin Mustang and to participate in KDQH's Fly-in.  On departure from KTBR and arrival at KDQH we did two formation fly-bys (Diamond and Finger Four Vic).  On the flight to KDQH I flew with Gary Pope in his Nanchang CJ6 and on the return flight to KTBR I flew with Dewey "Bulldog" Morgan in his Scottish Aviation T.1 Bulldog. 

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